Meet the Principal

“People with great passion can make the impossible happen.”

picture of principal, man with glasses in front of trees

What is your dream for your child?  This is the driving question behind my work ethic, integrity, and passion to create a school environment that helps all students realize their fullest potential.  

Over my journey as an educator/leader, I have prided myself with unpacking the essential elements necessary to ensure the success of our students. Goals, dedication and success are all non-negotiable elements to the culture and environment of our school.  


As I join the Ocala STEAM Academy family, my goal is to build upon the incredible foundation currently in place.  Over the next few months, I will work with students, families, and Ocala Staff to understand the vision.  Please know I want to hear for everyone to know what you want as well as me to share your role in the journey. Together anything is possible.  


Please know that I love working hard and providing a model for the Ocala Family to follow.  As a child, one thing that my family made non-negotiable was doing well in school and taking advantage of every opportunity that school offered. My parents made the necessary sacrifices to ensure the entire family alway put education first.  Today, my parents have all 3 of their first generation children with degrees and advanced degrees and living the dreams we established as a family.  


Here is what I need from you.  Commit to these 3 simple things:

  1. Learn about your child’s dreams

  2. As a family, make a commitment to maximizing the gift of education

  3. Build a powerful partnership with Ocala STEAM Academy Team


I look forward to working with you and we help make Ocala STEAM Academy become the place where Dreams Become a Reality.


Manny Villalpando

Mr. V

Ocala STEAM Academy Principal