School Closure Updates: Distance Learning, Meal Service, & Staff Contact

To see the weekly updates formerly linked on this page, visit "Weekly Announcements" under VIRTUAL OSA DISTANCE LEARNING CAMPUS pop up navigation.

To reach out to a staff member for distance learning needs, instructional materials, and counseling services, you can contact:

  • Principal Tracy Leathers: 916-601-7695 (English)
  • Assistant Principal Joseph Manluco: 408-471-9477 (English, Tagalog, limited Spanish)
  • Counselor Xochilt Garcia: 408-504-0743 (Spanish, English)
  • 6th Grade Teacher  Julie Arroyo: 510-589-6238 (Spanish, English)

Currently (3/20): OSA is going through a deep clean. We are lucky to be one of the first sites selected for the cleaning to fight against COVID-19!

We love and care for you all so much and that means lunch will be served at these sites near Ocala from 11 am to 1 pm

Other sites serving free meals from 11 am to 1 pm.

  • Painter/Sheppard Middle School - 480 Rough & Ready Road
  • Cesar Chavez School - 2000 Kammerer Avenue
  • Arbuckle Clyde Elementary School - 1970 Cinderella Lane
  • Linda Vista Elementary - 100 Kirk Avenue

Ocala STEAM Academy: Lunch Service and Social Media

Bay Area Free Food Map (Mapa de Alimentos Gratis) & COVID-19 Resources

BE SAFE and fight COVID-19.

  1. Wear a mask or covering when you go out. N95 is the best. A face shield over the mask or goggles can stop airborne particles from getting into your eyes, while the mask provides extra air-filtration. This goes above and beyond CDC and WHO guidelines, but the data from countries observing strict mask wearing, mostly in Asia, correlate to much lower increases in numbers than in the USA.
  2. Wash your hands when you get home with soap for 20 seconds. Only remove your mask with clean hands.
  3. If someone coughs within 6 feet of you, wash immediately, and avoid contact with your nose, eyes, and mouth.
  4. Discard of any gloves or masks suspected of contamination.